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Rev Beth Lindsay Templeton

Founder and CEO of
Our Eyes Were Opened

"Our Eyes Were Opened"

Our Eyes Were Opened, Inc. helps people understand about poverty so they can reach out with wisdom and compassion.


OEWO offers you:

Resources such as books and a DVD:

Loving Our Neighbor, A Thoughtful Approach to Helping People in Poverty answers those questions such as: “What do I do when someone approaches me on the street for a handout?” or “How do we begin a direct aid ministry at our church?”

A Coat Named Mr. Spot is a children’s book for parents and grandparents to help children develop empathy for classmates who live in poverty.

Understanding Poverty in the Classroom
is designed to help teachers understand the effects of poverty on their students and offers tips on how to overcome some of issues.

Servant or Sucker is a five-part DVD series that helps viewers learn how to address poverty on a personal or organizational level.


In addition to seminars based on materials in the books and DVD, Beth has developed other workshops including: Serving as “We” not “I”; training sessions for boards, volunteers, and staff members; Understanding Poverty in the Workforce, Helping Teens Understand about Poverty in Their Community, and others.

Beth facilitates a Poverty Simulation developed by Community Action of Missouri that helps individuals within a two hour period experience what others in their communities experience 24-7.

“I Want to Work” is a job fair simulation for teens that addresses why some people may want to work but are unable to.

“Medical Access Simulation” deals with the challenges of accessing medical care even if cost were not an issue.

When you engage Beth to Open Your Eyes, you will learn…

• Why your problem solving skills may be harmful to someone else (Your skills and experience may not align with those of the person you are trying to help.)

• How to handle the person on the street asking for money (There are ways to be gracious and know that when or if you help, you are addressing the need in a positive way.)

• Different ways to address poverty (There are at least three levels for dealing with persistent poverty.)

• How to say no and receive a hug (L.E.A.R.N. how to say no in a compassionate and helpful way.)

• Phrases to keep you focused on helping, not harming (The three mantras are powerful.)

• How to see—really see—poverty in your community. (There’s nothing like getting out and touring your own community.)

• In a couple of hours, what 24-7 poverty feels like (Participating in a simulation teaches much more than a two-hour lecture!)

• Just the facts…about poverty (How well will you do on a multiple choice test about poverty in your community or nation?)

• Why don’t they…and why it makes sense (Seeing why people in poverty make certain decisions or act in specific ways that are very logical or rational from their perspective.)

• Poverty is more than a number? (Learn about the realities of living in poverty and how it affects one’s life, health, beliefs, and more.)




Our Eyes Were Opened
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Some Quotes . . .

"Beth Templeton has passion for people who live in poverty, the heart of a servant, the commonsense of a wise woman, and the joy of a faith-filled life. People who experience her, whether rich or poor, realize changes in how they think about life and how they compassionately live together in community.”

-Richard H. Riley - Former Governor of South Carolina and former U.S. Secretary of Education


A Coat Named Mr. Spot

"I just wanted to thank you for the book you wrote which I purchased from and
read every word and then shared it with my First Tuesday Circle this past Tuesday evening.  I did not read it to them but told them about it and then read from your last page about “getting out of our box”, etc. I think this book is definitely an adult book as well as a children’s book- the Our Eyes Were Opened for everyone, especially those who never read that one in the first place.

"I have twin boys, 29 now, but they will each get a copy of this book.  Thank you for writing it.

"All the suggestions in the “Parents Guide” are an “every person’s guide.”

"Have a fabulous day & God bless you for the work you do in our world.

"It is definitely a better place because of you."

-Richard H. Riley - Sincerely,
Robin Aleksinas
Metal Chem, Inc.

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